Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Balanced Weekend

As is usual for this time of the year, I spent the first part of Saturday morning filling a slew of Soundabet orders and racing to get them off to the post office before they empty the big steel collection box in the lobby. Sarah got caught up at her office. We actually ran into each other at the post office along with a bunch of other Sebastopudlians trying to duck in under the wire.

Looking north along the Sonoma Coast. That's Peaked Hill in front of the fog.

In the afternoon we hiked along the southern portion of the Kortum Trail from Shell Beach to Wright's Beach. The weather was splendid, a dramatic mixture of sun, fog, and clouds that changed from moment to moment. At times the sea was really dark and it would seem almost wintry, then, moments later, a bright blue opening in the sky would appear and voila: summer again!

Here I am as we come around rocks that take us too close to the waves.

We stayed back from the water's edge on Wright's Beach which is among the most dangerous beaches on the whole California coastline. Sneaker waves, cold water, and a steep drop off make it particularly hazardous.

We intended to take a hike today as well, but got started on the boxes in the livingroom and next thing you know we're cleaning out the hardware drawers in the kitchen and straightening up the garage... and then it was time for me to go to a dharma study meeting hosted by Robin Cohen (the woman we met at Spirit Rock, Ted). I really liked the group and it looks like some of their members will join the Society of Friends meeting at our house. Yeah!


Katherine said...

You seem to have such a full and healthy life! Emotional, physical, spiritual...!

What is the Society of Friends?

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Thanks. Teaching kindergarten for most of my adult life has had its maturing effect, I suppose.

My secret for a full and satisfying life is so simple you can boil it down to 2 ideas:

1. No TV, and

2. 2 movies/month maximum.

Those two things will force you to live your own full life.

Society of Friends is a little group I host. It's modeled after the Quakers (the folks who led the effort to end slavery and to get the vote for women and who refuse to participate in war). The Quakers actual name is the Society of Friends of Jesus.

Quakers read the Bible with particular attention to what Jesus says in it. I once attended Quaker Meetings--they don't call them churches--but I ended up getting involved with Buddhism.

My group is called the Society of Friends of the Buddha, but you could accurately say we're Friends of Jesus, too. We borrow from Quaker practices, but instead of the Bible we study Buddhist texts which are much much larger and more extensive than the Bible.

Basically, my group studies the
Dharma, the teachings of the Buddha.

Katherine said...

Thanks for that information Dan...I've read and been attracted by both the Quaker philosophies, and Buddhism... but never had (made?) the opportunity to do more than that. I once said to a Bahai friend that if I was going to 'be' anything religious, I'd probably be a Quaker. (But, I hasten to add, I know very little about them.)

But spiritualism, that's a different matter again...