Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Goodbye, Ted!

Tuesday morning we got up early to take Ted to the airport for the first leg of his journey to Africa to serve in the Peace Corps. He dressed up in his dressy casuals for the flight to Philadelphia.

Ted forcing a smile for the camera at 5:50 AM

He'll be gone for 27 months (we're counting). It's painful to separate from those you love.

Each morning I take a moment to recall that I must be separated from all that I hold dear. I also remind myself that I'm not the only one who must be separated from all they hold dear; all must be separated from all they hold dear. These reminders serve to help me savor what is dear to me each day. They also help to soften (if only a little) the pain of separations and goodbyes.

We knew we had to do something to lift our spirits after the tearful goodbye, so we planned a hike at Point Reyes National Seashore. I'm really glad we did. The beautiful surroundings lifted our moods somewhat. But truth be told, we both had pretty heavy hearts.

Me, forcing a smile for the camera on Coast Trail.

We walked about 6 miles in all and had lunch at Coast Camp where Ted and his friend, Mitch, from college had gone backpacking last month.

We talked to Ted on the phone from his hotel this evening. He had a good first day in training and is feeling really excited about the adventure he's about to begin.

I'm feeling better already.


Culmom37 said...

Oh, I am so sorry he had to go! I know the date was coming up and I am glad you shared it with all of us. Ted is doing an amazing thing and I know you are super proud.

It is VERY hard to say goodbye to the ones we love. I definitely makes the heart grow fonder.

I hope the next 27 months go by really fast for you and your family! I am sure that you will find comfort in those who are near and dear. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, as will the safety for Ted while he is in Africa.

SDE said...

I've been thinking of your family this past summer. Thinking about how time was coming that your son would soon be on his new journey in life.

I have been in your shoes before. I remember when we were in college, Matt spent his junior year in France. I was just thinking yesterday about the drive to the airport. How fast the drive was to get there and how so it felt to get home.

Ted is going on his mission. He will be impacting many lives as they impact his.

Journal writing or talking into a tape might help ease the quietness.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. And to an experience of a lifetime for Ted.

Dan Gurney, Mr. Kindergarten said...

Thank you, both, for those kind words. We're missing Ted, but he has emailed us already twice and is very happy with the Peace Corps so far.

His happiness about the adventures he's embarking upon helps brighten our moods back here at home.