Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gratitude January 4, 2009


Blogging about gratitude is amazing.

I was wrong when I thought I would have to "reach" for things to write about.

The opposite problem arose. I'm grateful all day long.

It hard to decide what I should include. Should I mention one, two, three or more... a dozen things? How should I organize the things I feel grateful for? Into realms: physical, social, environmental?

Any hints?


This evening I'm feeling grateful (in no particular order, as I'm struggling with organizing this) for:

Katherine's chiming in with things she feels grateful for. I hope she's the first of many more to come and leave a gratitude to share here.

Eve, for writing so many beautiful songs, especially "Cemetery." In that song she sings about something Don Juan says, "Keep death upon your shoulder. It will remind you to love."

My sense of balance. (The Spanish teacher at my school has been through a long struggle with dizziness and is recovering from major neurological surgery to correct the condition. We take things like the sense of balance for granted: it doesn't even make the list of the "5" senses.)

The young man in Togo who last Wednesday invited Ted to his "village" in the forests about an hour's walk outside Seregbene. Ted said it was like walking into the past. Nine thatched houses in a clearing in the forest. No roads, just a footpath. The young man was returning from market in Sergebene (where Ted lives) to bring his family a chicken and some beans.

Mr. Music who brings music to the schools and Sebtown. And peace, too. He came over to talk about our Peacetown, USA resolution. He's my bud.

Elizabeth who found her bridal gown and tried it on with a special necklace on :)

And that, folks, is the first time I've ever used an emoticon.

The world hasn't changed that much; my view of it has.


Katherine said...

Well, I always thought you had a positive view! Now it must be +++ve!
My three today: 1. No back ache. Despite nearly finishing the hen nesting box!
2. Wineberries. I found a whole cupful today and froze them. They will surprise and delight someone when I make them into spiced wineberry muffins one day soon.
3. Cicadas. The sound of my sunny summer garden.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog. There is so much we have to be grateful for if we make the time

Mr. KinderG said...

Katherine, thanks again! I've never tasted wineberries. I'm glad your back is feeling good.

Anon, you're welcome. I am really glad to do it. I'm finding it amazing to stay awash in appreciation and wonder, all thanks to channeling positive energy into my awareness. "The real miracle," to quote Thich Nhat Hahn loosely, "is not walking on water. The real miracle is walking on this precious and lovely earth."