Monday, January 12, 2009

Gratitude January 12, 2009

Sarah with a Peace calendar she gave to the City.
She's the Mayor of our town this year.

I'm grateful above all to have married a very good person. We first met in the fall of 1970, gee that's more than 38 years ago. We married in 1974. And, after all these years, we're still a good team. This evening we went to our second square dancing lesson and had a blast.


Katherine said...

Wow, that reflects wonderful attributes of you both, I am sure.

1. Quietness
2. Beethoven
3. The smell of dust and new rain

Mr. Kinder said...

Hi, Katherine,

I think the older we get the less we talk, but the more we say.

I started out loving Beethoven, but my taste in classical music has shifted more towards classical, especially Haydn String Quartets.

The smell of dust and new rain: yes!

You're quite the poetic person, Katherine.