Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gratitude January 13, 2009

I am grateful for the tasty organic purple potatoes and the veggie burger and green beans that I ate this evening with a Sarah.

I am grateful for the dinnertime candlelight we've enjoyed almost every night for the past 36 years.

I am grateful for the piano music of Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Bill Evans, Jessica Williams, and Tommy Flanagan, among others.

Oscar Peterson

I am grateful for having enjoyed very good health overall for 57 years. How lucky is that?


Katherine said...

What yummy looking spuds!
1. The beautiful iridescence of insects that can take my breath away
2. An offer of a friend to take me away on a painting trip in a camper van some time this summer. What a treat to look forward to!
3. The opportunity to spend a pleasant and precious few hours tomorrow driving up to Auckland (airport) alone with my son who is going back to university. The easy talk and sharing will be made all the sweeter knowing he'll be away for some months.

Mr. Kinder said...

I never really saw insects until I started looking at them with 5 year olds whose eyes are much more sensitive to beauty than most people's.

delwyn said...

The cicadas are busy here today in the 34 degree heat. It's no wonder they are such illustrious singers...I read that they can spend up to 7 years underground, claw their way out, cast off their husk and sing for joy!!! Its the males that make all that cacophony; in the daytime warding off birds and at night to attract the ladies. The sound can be so intense that it almost reaches the Db level of a jet taking off and is just under our pain threshold.(thanks to my local rag for these snippets of cicada info.)