Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gratitude January 14, 2009

I am grateful to the greens that grow in my garden. Most mornings before the sun comes up, I wander up into my garden and pick by flashlight a few leaves of kale or chard or collards to add to the blender chai I have for breakfast.

I am grateful for my friend Roger who works at the STW-II dhamma center in Graton. Roger's a wonderful person.

And to Delwyn, an Australian blog reader who chimed in with these words of wisdom:

Give birth to love for the one next door
as you do for your own soul's self
and the part of it that feels like a neighbour

Give birth to compassion for the nearest,
yet unfamiliar, aspect of yourself,
as you do for the one outside
who feels like a stranger

Give birth to the deepest warmth for
the neighbour, inside and out,
as you do for your own
subconscious community
inside and out

Makes a difference doesn't it. In Aramaic there are not clear distinctions between inside and outside so that the neighbor can refer to a member of your inner community!
So it's about honoring, respecting, expressing and opening up to all of our parts....and our neighbor, food for thought...

I agree. This boundaries between self and other get blurrier and blurrier as heart vision comes into better focus.



Delwyn said...

Today I am grateful for:
-the river on which I live and paddle
-my dog Kealia for her company
-the time to collage and paint for fun

Mr. Kinder said...

Delwyn, do you have a blog that shows the river on which you paddle? I enjoy seeing the photos of paddling shared on Last Visible Dog by Katherine.

Delwyn said...

No I don't sorry, but I live on the Weyba river which joins the Noosa River at Noosaville, Queensland. We stand up paddle up and down the river, out to the mouth and through the canals. If you google Noosa you will find it is paradise....