Friday, January 16, 2009

Gratitude January 16, 2009

This evening I am grateful to all the teachers who've been associated with the California Kindergarten Association.

I am in Santa Clara at the statewide California Kindergarten Association's Annual conference and will spend the next 2 days talking about and thinking about kindergarten and what its mission should be as well as gleaning some great new ideas from colleagues from all over California.


Delwyn said...

Today I am grateful for:

Alden's blog adventures which read like Moby Dick

the health and happiness of my 4 kids

the cicada chorus in the gums across the river from my home

Delwyn said...

Dan, I have been inspired by your blog and made myself one, albeit rather primitive at this stage, so here tis:

Mr. Kinder said...

I'm grateful to have inspired another blog!