Sunday, January 18, 2009

Gratitude January 18, 2009

This evening I feel grateful for...

taking a bicycle ride with my wife in the last hours of the day;

Sarah's cleaning of the house while I was away at the conference;

my friend, David Heintz whose birthday was today;

my brother's blog which is always entertaining or informative (blowing soap bubbles in sub-zero weather today) and

wool socks.


Delwyn said...

today the first day of the working week and I am grateful for:

not having to go to work

for the internet and the availability of information at the fingertips

for a crunchy little fresh apple I bought at the market yesterday

James Gurney said...

I second the motion for wool socks. I'm wearing wool socks, a wool hat, a neck-warmer, and two sweaters. And I'm sitting inside the house!

Katherine said...

1. Dappled patterns as on a thrush's chest
2. Rainbows on soap-bubbles
3. Velvet

Mr. Kinder said...

Thanks to all for sharing your gratitudes. Jim, it's sure been cold in your neck of the woods in the past couple of days. We've been having highs in the low 70's here in CA. Weird.