Monday, January 19, 2009

Gratitude January 19, 2009

This evening I'm grateful for the Dalai Lama saying he loves George Bush.

Now, finally, I know someone who loves him.

I'm grateful for being able to hope for new beginnings that shall start tomorrow.

In response to my wife's request, I've strung up some white lights of hope at my front door.



Katherine said...

O, lovely lights! What a welcoming front door!

1. The company of my friend and ex-brother-in-law, who accepts and understands why I left his brother, and doesn't hold it against me.

2. The lovely relationship that he has with his wife, and that I've been privileged to watch grow for many years.

3. The generous mentoring that he has given my three children in the absence of their father.

Delwyn said...

We are lost without hope.

So I am grateful for the human spirit that has such remarkable resilience and usually chooses hope over despair.

I am grateful to have the house largely to myself after over 30 years of mothering.

I am grateful for my walk/gym/coffee/travel buddy Julie who can always share a good laugh

Mr. Kinder said...

Katherine, how nice to have had a long-term relationship with your husband's brother. He must be quite a man to have stepped up for your children the way he has.

Delwyn, friends are the greatest of treasures, don't you think. I mean real friends, not fake TV friends.