Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gratitude January 24, 2009

That's Sarah kneeling with the book, and that's me, behind the camera.

I'm grateful to the twenty-plus walkers who turned out for the Sebastopol Walks event Sarah and I co-led this morning. We walked and talked our way all around the 7 mile perimeter of our lovely town.

Tonight we're off to a political party and then to see the late show at the Rialto. Life is good.


Delwyn said...

Sunday is always a lovely relaxing day with my husband - well maybe not that relaxing with our 5am market start followed by a paddle before breakfast, but it moves along at a leisurely pace and usually includes a siesta on the verandah to the music of Ledward Kapaana or the likes.
But today, inching up to Aus day, I am grateful for all of the above and for pavlova, lamingtons and barramundi. Yummmmmeeeeeeee

Mr. Kinder said...

I'm up a 5 most morning, but not on weekends! That's the day to sleep in till 7 or so.

Ledward Kapaana is one of my favorites, too.

Pavlova, lamingtons, and barramundi what are they?

Delwyn said...

Well pavlova is a deliciously rich and creamy desert -made mainly with sugar and egg white - like a super sized meringue - both Au and NZ lay claim to its origins, but we think it comes from the dancer Anna Pavlova. I'll post a photo of one my Daughter in Law-to be, made recently.

Lamingtons are another Au creation, squares of sponge cake dipped in chocolate and crumbed with coconut.

And Barrumundi is the best local sea fish in Qld

Katherine said...

7 miles is a significant walk! I'm impressed. You have got me thinking about my city...
My gratitudes today are about trees: I'm grateful for
1. The people who have plugged for more tree planting in my city over the years. It's starting to look really beautiful.
2. The trees around my house which made it nice and cool in summer.
3. The far-sighted people who established the Arboretum at my local Maclaren Falls Park.