Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gratitude January 27, 2009 The Nobility of Plants

I am grateful to all plant life for making food from sunlight for us to eat today.

I am grateful to all plant life for making oxygen from sunlight for us to breathe today.

I am grateful to all plant life for nobly transforming sunlight, minerals, water, and CO2 into life.


Delwyn said...

On my river of enlightenment I have 4 noble truths today:

My Body - I am thankful that my gym offers body balance class with the beautifully balanced Patsy.

Mind - I am thankful to blogging for having introduced to me a play toy for the mind's enjoyment and challenge

The spirit - I am thankful to be a soul in wonder - to experience , to see and to feel awe in daily life

The Oneness of me - I am thankful to be me and have the life I have.

Katherine said...

Ah. We have a totally dependent relationship with plants, do we not? We need them. They, however, do not need us!
I am grateful for:
1. acts of kindness from strangers
2. acts of kindness from friends
3. acts of courageous honesty from friends when I need to be told something I don't necessarily want to hear.

Alden said...

I am grateful today for the social network of the community of bloggers, for their support, and their humour - for providing little oasis of their thoughts and feelings in cyberspace - for risking sharing themselves, their thoughts and their lives - what a blessing!

Mr. Kinder said...

Yes, agreed. I'm really enjoying our circle of contemplation online.