Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gratitude January 28, 2009

Not my yacht. Maybe someday...

My great grandfather, Frederick, for teaching my grandfather, Dan, to sail.

My grandfather, Dan, for teaching my father, Robert, to sail.

My father, Robert, for teaching me to sail.

For this practice of cultivating gratitude. (I spent the day in teacher training instead of teaching and on days like this I find that I'm prone to grumpiness.) This practice shakes me loose from negativity's negative charge.

For scissors.

And for Birkenstock sandals.


Alden said...

I like the cut of this yachts jib and also I like the cut of this yachts jib if you get my meaning.

I give thanks for self amalgamating tape!!!!! great, great stuff! - just used some, very useful and so self amalgamating :-) !

Delwyn said...

On Thursday in Paradise I am thankful for:

(I've said it before a few times but this is what I'm feeling and you can't deny that)

* for my fellow blogging buddies

* for hokey pokey icecream

* For Irvin Yalom's novels and texts that demonstrate his amazing expertise in psychotherapy

Mr. Kinder said...

Alden, I'm not familiar with self-amalgamating tape, at least I don't call it by that name.

Delwyn, Mr. Yalom is new to me. I'll have to investigate. Never heard of hokey pokey ice cream. Here, hokey pokey is a dance we do in kindergarten.

Katherine said...

Ah, sailing. Bliss.
1. Dawns
2. Dusks
3. Estuaries

Delwyn said...

Hopefully my blog of today will fill you in then....