Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gratitude January 6, 2009

First, a little story:

One a man heard that the Buddha's Way lies in persevering in benevolence and compassion, and meeting evil with goodness. He then came and cursed the Buddha. The Buddha, remaining silent, did not respond, but rather had pity for one whose ignorance and rage led to such an act.

When his cursing abated the Buddha asked him, "If you offer a gift to someone who does not accept it, what happens to the gift?"

The man replied, "I would have to take it back."

The Buddha said: "Now you have offered me curses but I do not accept them. they return to you, bringing harm to your own person. Like an echo responding to sound, or a shadow following an object, in the end there is no escaping it. Take heed of your evil ways."

—The Sutra in 42 Sections

What I feel grateful for today:

  • So many kindergarten students having learned the Soundabet over the winter holiday
  • All my Dharma Friends who came over tonight to discuss the Dhammapada—and the ones who wanted to be here tonight, but could not make it this time
  • The gifts Richard N. brought over tonight.
  • My teeth and my friend, Dr. Al Couture, the dentist who takes care of my teeth. Al travelled to Ghana about a year ago to take care of children's' teeth, too. Ghana is in Africa, directly west of Togo, where Ted is right now. Al also believes in hugging.
  • Learning about non-violent communication (NVC).


Katherine said...

1. My Uncle has begun painting again after many years away from his easel. His paintings are very good, and give many people (including me!) great pleasure.
2. Clean warm water in my shower after my long hot day working.
3. The flies and worms and other bugs that break down all my food scraps and make wonderful compost.

Mr. Kinder said...

In our kindergarten we do pretty careful study of sow bugs and worms and snails. The more you get to know them, the more difficult it becomes to "dispose" of them (even the snails!) at the end of the study.

Yeah for your uncle! Creating beauty and pleasure is noble activity indeed.