Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gratitude January 7, 2009

I'm grateful today for:

the wonderful dinner I had tonight: roasted vegetables grown mostly by Scott Mathieson, our local farmer, with a garden burger and short grain brown rice cooked in our fuzzy logic rice cooker. Dinner was accompanied by a rare treat: a fine half glass of Merlot from a bottle given to me by a friend whose wife is a wine judge.

running into my friend Misha at the produce stand this afternoon. We had a nice talk.

being able to figure out how to post a video on YouTube (it was my second, actually) without any difficulty at all

the 8 candles burning on the dining room table

the fire I'm sitting by

Cal Tjader's music playing now in the background


Katherine said...

Ah! I'm yet to foray into the YouTube arena. Soon. With Thrush babies...
1. My senses. Diminishing sensitivity makes me appreciate what I have got even more!
2. My kids. For being themselves, and giving me the most marvelous stories to follow.
3. My mother. And the example she gave me of how to live a kind life, with a sense of humour.

Mr. Kinder said...

Well, Katherine, I encourage you to try. The video you saw on my blog was made with my Canon SX 100 camera. My bro, Jim, uses a low-end Canon camera for his videos, too. They make amazingly good videos for cameras that aren't even designed as video cameras. I'm sure the camera you use for your lovely photos is more than up to the task of taking footage.

The process of uploading video to YouTube is ridiculously simple. (Time consuming, though.)

I encourage you to try and look forward to some Thrush babies vids.

Culmom37 said...

I am loving this new format! Reading about your gratitude and what you are thankful for is very inspiring. I keep thinking about the things I am thankful for! Please continue and I don't think you need any particular type of organization...just continue to write what you are thankful for. I think if you organize it too much it will take away from the sincerity and emotion of it all.

Thanks...I am inspired! I am now considering writing in a journal to jot down all that I want to say!

Mr. Kinder said...

Culmom, I'm glad you're finding this new blog focus something worth a visit. I'm definitely enjoying taking a moment at the end of my day to reflect on what to feel grateful for. Gee whiz, if I didn't do this, it would be possible to go to bed really discouraged some days, what with all the fighting in the Middle East and so on.