Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gratitude January 8, 2009

This evening I am grateful for a little bookstore in Sebastopol that sells "Tools for Spiritual Living" called Many Rivers Books and Tea. I buy tea there as well as many books. What's most special is their Thursday night talks.

Tonight the store featured a reading by poet Jim Wilson. He read poems for more than an hour. Those who were lucky enough to be there enjoyed many shimmering moments of wonder and delight.

I bought his collection of poems called Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. Here are 6 tanka poems from this collection:

Moving On

"Will you forgive me?"
That's all that he requested.
But she had moved on.
A new experience loomed.
She will leave him to his doom.

It's Over

You don't understand.
How can I make this clearer?
Can you disappear
And not look back, don't check in
Or call me "for old time's sake"?


Love is a strange thing.
At first it offers us wings
And then it clips them.
What follows is the sharp sting
That only love's absence brings.

After a Reconciliation

I had no idea
That love would demand so much;
It's not just a touch
But an abiding presence
That once found, never leaves us.


Standing on this bluff,
Gazing past the conifers,
To sunset streaked clouds
I number the days gone by
Since we last saw each other.

I held your pale hand
Through the months of your fading
I heard your last breath.
On this anniversary
I sense your presence and love.


Katherine said...

Whew. Such short poems to pack such a punch! Wonderful. It must have been great to hear the writer himself read them...
I'm getting over someone at the moment, so I don't think I could have stayed composed had I been at your meeting.

Stuart said...

Thank you for your kind words about Many Rivers Books & Tea, Dan! You and your readers can now listen to the recording of Jim Wilson's talk on our Thursdays at Many Rivers archive site:

Rengajim said...

Dan, thank you for posting these Tanka from my book. I'm glad you enjoyed the evening. I think it was an auspicious beginning to the New Year.

Best wishes,


Mr. Kinder said...

I'm glad I was there. Katherine, I'm glad you enjoy the poems. You can listen on the web, via the link provided by Stuart, but somehow the tape doesn't get all the wondrous ambiance of the evening.

Stuart, thanks for providing the link to the recording of the talk. That's a nice amenity that I'll take advantage of whenever I'd like to attend a talk, but have a conflict.

Jim, again, thanks for the reading. It was an auspicious way to begin 2009.