Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ted in Togo

Why do more women than men volunteer in the Peace Corps in Africa?

That's Ted, there, in the back row, with blond hair third from the left.

Ted front left

The Peace Corps sent us an email with three photos attached of Ted in Togo. These are the first and only pictures we have of him there. These pictures were taken at a Peace Corps Volunteer gathering for Christmas.

If it's possible to feel homesick for your kid, that's what we felt.


Katherine said...

I bet he's having a terrific time!

Mr. Kinder said...

Thank you, Katherine. Actually, so far his service has been quite challenging, but he reports that each day it's getting better. He's just 21 and he's the only non-native in his village. The social isolation and the sense he has more to learn from them than he has to offer is the hardest part right now.