Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb. 10 Gratitude: The Flower Ornament Scripture

This amazing book can make the world shine.

This evening I am grateful for :
  • the Sutra Salon, a book club I belong to
  • the Flower Ornament Scripture, the book we're reading,
  • Thomas Cleary, the scholar who translated it, and
  • Walter Blom, my good friend, who helped me "get it" that this book was addressed not to my head, but to my heart. I'm reading it aloud to myself or to my wife if she's home.


Delwyn said...

Good afternoon Dan

I posted my thanks on your yesterday's post but that's ok cos it's still yesterday where you live!

But here it is again for added emphasis and gratitude.

Gratitude today - I am a blank slate...not that I don't have anything to be grateful for but that everything I have, see and do I am grateful for. So I will think back over the day so far: and the conversation I had with Julie, my 'bestest' friend comes to mind...

for friends and nourishing conversation
that lead to connection
that leads to continuity of communication and community.

Not so hard after all....

Katherine said...

I am grateful for
1. The chance to continue my formal education.
2. My friend C who pushes me along gently and who is honest yet respectful of my feelings
3. A happy coincidence last week that has culminated in me enrolling in a two-year full-time Diploma in Fine Arts two days ago. Phew!

Alden said...

I am grateful today for all the people I have ever known who have touched me in a positive way and for those who have touched me sometimes in a negative way - I have learnt a lot from the positives and the negatives and give thanks for that.

Mr. Kinder said...

Delwyn, as a denizen of yesterday, I'm glad to tell you that it's reassuring to know that it's already tomorrow where you live.

Mr. Kinder said...

Katherine, congratulations on returning to school in Fine Arts. Was your friend C the one who encouraged you the most?

Mr. Kinder said...

Alden, thanks for joining the gratitude blog today. Some of the most helpful advice I've ever received was painful to hear. But if the intent of the advise was to shed light on my blindness to my faults, the lessons learned were worth the pain.