Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb. 12 Gratitude: Blossoms at Lunch

At lunch today at school I sat beneath the ornamental cherry trees. They've been bare since November. I hadn't been outdoors during lunch for the past few days (meetings, rain) and while I've been away, they've begun blossoming.


Delwyn said...

The cherry blossom is a huge national event in Japan. There is a competition to see who first spies a tree in blossom. Thousands and thousands of people go to temples to give thanks in Cherry Blossom week - such a short time frame. On my daughter's first teaching post there she was taken on arrival in Tokyo to such a day and related how as the crowd of black heads surged along the roadway toward the temple she gave up hope of keeping company with her host headmaster. She went with the flow!!! ( and didn't get lost...)

Delwyn said...

Today I will list:

* My daughter Poppy who lives in Saitama, Tokyo with

* Masahiro, her sweet and loving partner

* and for Masa's family who have taken her under their wing

Katherine said...

How lovely the blossoms are. Thank you for the photo of them, Dan.

Delwyn said...

Dan : Will save my 3 for they suit Valentine's Day