Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feb. 13 Gratitude: Patience

For me, the five hardest days in kindergarten are likely to be (in chronological order):

The first day of school


The day before winter holiday

Valentine's Day

The day before spring break

In any particular year, any of these days can be the hardest. It depends on the class. But all of these days involve classroom celebrations, a departure from the routines, and too much excitement.

Yesterday was a difficult day for me. I reached for patience all morning long. Seldom do I feel like my well of patience might run dry, but yesterday I could see the bottom of the well.

I had compassion for myself, saying, "This is a really tough job!!" I gave myself little minibreaks to breath deeply. Thank goodness both of my student teachers were there to make this possible. Breathing deeply allowed me to recover my compassion for my students and myself, and to find enough equanimity and guide the class through the excitement, exhilaration, and, dare I say agitation of Valentine's Day.

So, for the deliberate cultivation of patience I feel grateful. It saved me yesterday.


Delwyn said...

Yesterday was our 14th Feb, today it is yours, so for two days I have been thinking a lot about gratitude and expressing it on my blog as you have noticed.

But in the front of my mind has been the gratitude I feel for my life partner,- husband, lover and friend.

I am always thankful for his calm, mellow disposition -his contentment with the simple life ~ it gives me a ballast.

Then I am grateful that he is always 'real' He is what he is. There are no facades, no pretenses, and he never tries nor wants to be anything different - he is 100% authentic -that provides me with security.

And lastly I never stop being grateful for his creative approach to life, he can imagine all sorts of possibilities and then he applies himself. He's a brilliant lateral thinker and an extremely hard worker. This gives me faith and hope.

He is a very good man and I am very fortunate that he has loved me for 38 years.

Mr. Kinder said...

A very nice tribute to your husband. I've been together with my wife since 1971, too. 38 years. To have married well is a remarkable blessing, remarkable good fortune. At least that's so for me, as I wasn't all that wise when I was 19 years old. Just plain good luck, I guess.

Thanks for commenting, Delwyn.

Delwyn said...

We were married in 1972...and I agree - such good fortune... and some hard work!