Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feb. 17 Gratitude: My Friend, David Schwartz

Tonight I am grateful for my friend, David Schwartz. He's a children's book author. He asked me to take his place as a guest blogger on a popular blog. I've been working on it and feeling glad to have been asked.

It's funny, I think, that it's so pleasing to be asked to do someone a favor, to help someone out.

I guess it's the need we all have to be needed.

As a teacher, one of the best and most reliable ways to help a student who needs you is to ask them to do something for you...pick up the floor, put up the chairs, wash the tables. It's the best thing in the world to be needed and helpful.

I think that's how we get teenagers so angry. We don't let them help.



Sarah Lulu said...

I work with foster children (I'm their Case Manager/Counsellor.) in, day out, the hardest most damaged cases only ... and it's true they respond so well to a purpose and to being valued.

Good thing I love 'em all.

Delwyn said...

For David to have asked you he must have felt you had something to offer, thats a nice compliment. The world needs more views and perspectives.

# 1 for clouds over sunsets

# 2 for haloumi cheese

# 3 for chocolate almonds

Mr. Kinder said...

Sarah Lulu: you sound like you're doing really important really healing work. Yeah! So I'm hearing you say this idea of giving kids work and valuing them works for you, too.

Mr. Kinder said...

Haloumi cheese is a pleasure that awaits me. Is it made from cow's milk or some other kind of milk?