Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feb. 26, 2009 Gratitude:

Front yard blossoms

This evening I feel grateful for:

The Non-violent Communication class I'm taking with Sarah, and our little celebratory dessert and conversation we have afterwords at the Starlight Wine Bar. We have a wonderful time on Thursdays!

My student teacher, Amanda Brice, for enhancing my classroom by bringing in a writing center.

Kindergarten student Jack B. for learning how to ride a bike today. It always feels great, somehow, to be the one who witnesses this rite of passage in a student's life. I put a 12 second video clip of this on my other blog.

Laguna Farm, our CSA which feeds me not only the best possible produce, but also provides something to feed the soul: COMMUNITY.


Delwyn said...

What does CSA stand for Dan?

Our northfacing protected sweep of the Pacific Ocean is called Laguna Bay.

Things to be grateful for today include:

Meri at merismusing for beautiful poetry

fresh passionfruit from the farmers' market that I will serve over poached peaches, with yogurt for dessert tonight.

and for my 18 year old daughter whose birth mother entrusted her into the hands of love and faith and hope all those years ago.

Butler and Bagman said...

Thanks for my daily dose of gratitude. I can always use that to start my day. Down here in Chaalston, CSA stands for Confederate States of America, y'all.

Mr. Kinder said...

Delwyn and Butler, CSA stands for "Community Shared Agriculture." I went back and made the word Laguna Farm into a link to the farm's website so you can read more about it, but basically, consumers buy a "subscription" to a farm to shorten the supply line between farmer and eater.

Alden said...

Dan I feel grateful for flowers - I love the photograph of the blossoms - there are still plenty of flowers out here in Northland - what a bland old world it would be without the colour that flowers bring!

Dan Gurney said...

Flowers are so magical. I guess it shouldn't be surprising that they're so alluring: they're the sexual organs of plants.