Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb. 27, 2009 Gratitude:

This evening I'm grateful for:

Making the effort to turn the mind towards gratitude.

Singing with other teachers in the makeshift recording studio set up in the library after school.

My conversations with Andrew and Dave Tarca after the recordings were made.

Conversation over dinner with my wife about, well, so many things.

Lots of talk today, lots of connection... connection is one of the basic human needs.

My effort to keep computer time less than time spent outdoors in nature and/or exercising. I think I made it today.


Delwyn said...

Well I have noticed a difference in time you have spent on blogging so your plan must be working.

3 Gs

G1 For art that inspires and resonates

G2 For birds singing their evening song

G3 For being asked for help by a friend and for being thanked sincerely for it - for feeling useful

Dan Gurney said...

Meeting friends like you in the bloggosphere is so seductive that I see that I'm losing touch with my more immediate community.

This computer began to command too much of my time. It's the most addictive activity in my life right now, so I'm forcing myself to balance it with other wholesome activities--like exercise and face-to-face interaction with friends--so that I don't get sucked up into cyberspace.

The natural world is infinitely marvelous and satisfying, but how would I know that sitting here?

Dan Gurney said...

Feeling useful, feeling connected to your social world is, I am coming to understand, a basic human need and one that is undernourished in many of us.

Thanks for adding your Gs to the blog. I hope that you'll inspire other readers (lurkers sounds so harsh) to turn their hearts towards gratitude and share what comes up for them here.

Thanks, Delwyn.