Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Feb. 4 Gratitude

I'm grateful to have met and married my wife, Sarah, who's so sensible and level-headed.

I'm grateful to have had the wit, wisdom and will to work on the marriage when it wasn't easy.

I'm grateful to cherish it to the fullest extent of my [limited] ability, helped by the daily reminder that I must be separated by illness and death from even this precious blessing.


Delwyn said...

my # 1 today, written down before you posted your list, is also my partner. I need to thank my husband for his support and encouragement of my endeavours.

I have a fetish for journals and notebooks. A few years ago a good friend gave me a Tao journal which featured key passages of the Tao along with ancient Chinese art. I always felt I would be defacing it by writing in it so it has remained on the shelf waiting....
waiting for Dan's contemplations. The first Kindness contemplation is now stuck in the beautiful book - the perfect accompaniment.

#3 For books - they are like old friends. For all the books that I have read along the way I give thanks.

Katherine said...

I admire healthy relationships like yours Dan, and Delwyn.

I am still hoping to find someone who will support me and want to work-at-the-verb-love when things are not smooth sailing.

I know I am loyal and loving.

In the meantime I'm thankful for
1. All the wonderful men who, over the years have helped me do things around my home and garden, paid and unpaid.
2. All the wonderful women who have supported me and been there when times were tough.
3. All the people who had the courage to say honest things to me even 'though, at the time, I may not have wanted to hear them.

Delwyn said...

Katherine: I could make a list of your wonderful qualities and I don't even know you...

Mr. Kinder said...

Delwyn, Wow. Taoism has strongly influenced my understanding of the world. It actually spoke more helpfully than Buddhism until I finally got beyond Zen. From high school forward Taoism's simplicity, brevity, and profundity have echoed in my heart. That you've found something to enter into your journal is fantastic. I hope you find more passages to inscribe in there. From time to time, I'll post other parts of my daily contemplations.

Mr. Kinder said...

Katherine, here's my wish for your good luck in finding a partner to sing the song of love with.

I like your phrase work-at-the-verb-love. It's helpful to denounify (how do you like that verb?) words like love, as your phrase does.

It's also helpful to incorporate the concept of working at love. For love to endure, effort and patience—among many other qualities—are required. If you want love to work, you gotta work at love.

Your 3 gratitudes at the end of your comment are wonderful. I'm glad you've got people in your life who support you. May their numbers increase.