Friday, February 6, 2009

Feb. 6 Gratitude--Sarah's Birthday

This evening we celebrate Sarah's birthday.

Flowers. Presents. Dinner at a favorite restaurant. Live theater. Home by fire. Shared happiness. And no time for blogging.


Delwyn said...

But still you managed to squeeze in a little comment!

'Happy Days' to Sarah from blogworld.

I shall post my 3 gratitudes here:

1. for corona beer with lime after a long paddle

2. for the joy of living in a small town where everything is very accessible

3. for my youngest's boyfriend - who is filling my daughter's life with love

Mr. Kinder said...

Thank you. Looks like Sarah shares her birthday with Alden's son.

I'm with you on your gratitude #2. Our evening of celebration was amazing. We knew two other parties at the restaurant and about 25% of the people in the theatre (it's a small venue, true) and then, on the way home we walked past a restaurant, looked in the window to see a friend waving and smiling inside. It's so great to live in a small town and be held in community.