Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feb. 7 Gratitude Tax-equanimity

I'm grateful for having somehow found some equanimity to prepare the federal income tax records without getting upset. It took me most of the day and the evening, and it's work I have really detested in the past.

But this year, in 2009, I did it (with Sarah's help) without ruffling a feather.

I think two things contributed to this change:

1. A president I don't find so difficult to think about.

2. This gratitude blog.

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Delwyn said...

Today has been a day to feel very thankful and to feel very sad.

Over 66 people have died in the Victorian bushfires and over 700 homes destroyed. And the fires still burn; as well they burn in New South Wales.

So tonight I am particularly grateful that our town is not experiencing bush fires.

I am also grateful that it is not experiencing floods like Northern Qld..We can be subjected to both at different times.

I pray for the lost souls and all the injured, for their families and loved ones.

I am so thankful that we are all safe.