Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gratitude Feb. 19, 2009

This evening I'm grateful for:

the Non-violent Communication class that Sarah and I are taking...

the Starlight Cafe in Sebastopol, where we had dessert after...

and for the practice of gratitude.


Delwyn said...

Hi Dan, Do you ever have spare time? You seem to be so busy.

I'm grateful that at this time

I have no classes to go to

no courses of study to undertake

and no commitments

and I am loving it.

Mr. Kinder said...

Hi, Delwyn,

Spare time? During the summer, yes, I have lots of time to do whatever I decide to do. Sometimes I wake up in summer feeling like,"I've got nothing (I have) to do, and all day to do it."

But during the school year, I am very busy. Not harried or hurried, but busy. I'm happy when I'm busy and I'm happy when I'm not busy, too.

Katherine said...

I'm so grateful this day for:
1. A calm dawn at the beach that I was able to experience this morning.
2. My Fine Art Diploma that began at the beginning of this week, and that is proving to be all I hoped for, and more.
3. My hens and their wonderful, nutritious eggs
4. Dan's reminder that I need to give my teen daughter more opportunities to help. And good feedback when she does!

Alden said...

Tell us what you were celebrating with a dessert in Sebastopol Dan, was it your birthday?? :-)

Mr. Kinder said...

Hi, Alden,

We were celebrating life, a good marriage, and newly acquired communication skills. NVC is a real gift!