Monday, March 16, 2009


I lifted this poem from Pal Alden's blog, Stream of Consciousness. He didn't write it; he found it on the internet and passed it along, same as me.


If I had my children to raise all over again,

I'd finger-paint more, and point the fingers less.

I would do less correcting and more connecting.

I'd take my eyes off my watch, and watch with my eyes.

I would care to know less and know to care more.

I'd take more hikes and fly more kites.

I'd stop playing serious, and seriously play.

I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars.

I'd do more hugging and less tugging.

I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later.

I would be firm less often, and affirm much more.

I'd teach less about the love of power,

And more about the power of love.


Delwyn said...

It's a great poem, fortunately I came across whilst I was still mothering

Dan Gurney said...

Yes, I think I ran across it, or something a lot like it, some time ago, too. Still, it's worth revisiting.

Alden said...

Its the sort of poem I wished I had run into sooner but never mind, on reflection I don't think we did too bad a job of parenting - and there will always be the grandchildren to practise the philosophy on.

Dan Gurney said...

Exactly, Alden. I think we almost grandparents understand these things better than when we were notgrand-parents.