Friday, March 6, 2009

Apples to Vineyards

A dead orchard on my drive home today.

When we moved to Sebastopol in 1979 our town was surrounded by apple orchards. We still celebrate apple blossom time each April with a festival and parade named in honor of the now almost non-existent apple industry. In less than 30 years most of our apple trees have been chopped down to make way for vineyards. This orchard fell recently.

What does it say about our society that so many landowners must convert their farms from food production to alcohol production? Probably it's simply evidence that most of us are willing to spend more money on wine than on applesauce.

I'm probably guilty, too, even though I'm pretty close to a teetotaler. When I see a scene like this, I feel ashamed.

I just put applesauce on the grocery list.


Delwyn said...

Having just eaten a fresh crunchy gala apple from the farmers' market I feel very sad. We were surrounded in apple orchards at home in NZ too, a real apple cannot be compared with these cooled varieties we get in the supermarket. Our valley in the Wairarapa is also now vineyards.

Today I will be grateful for apples...

Sarah Lulu said...

Hmmm I do love apples in an orchard, there is a big one not far from me.

I've been sober 8 years so ...I don't tend to hangout near vineyards haha...