Monday, March 16, 2009

Come by Here

When I was a kid, my family went to a church family camp in the mountains.

We'd sing spirituals at the campfire. It felt good to sing under the trees and stars, faces warmed by the glow of the fire, backs chilled by the darkness.

Anyway, this video gives me a similar feeling. Click on it to feel better.

Positive Pause

I think you'll be glad you did.


Delwyn said...

Hello Dan

I know Kumbaya from childhood and I also recognise this tune but can't put a name to it. Something the kid's learned at piano lessons..

That is a lovely reminder with beautiful visuals.

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Delwyn, I just did a Wiki on Kumbaya and decided to edit the post a touch. The Positive Pause video is great, yes?

Delwyn said...

Oh does that mean you didn't sing it?

Delwyn said...

Look like I will post my 3 Gs here today...

for pumpkin soup

for legs that like to walk

and for all the birds I see on the river

Dan Gurney said...


I sang Kumbaya and other spirituals as well. I love to sing! When I Wikied Kumbaya I learned that it is often used to deride optimism. I decided to rewrite the post when I learned that.

Dan Gurney said...

My gratitudes for Monday:

Some of my teachers--

Jack Kornfield

James Baraz

Guy Armstrong