Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gratititude: Dinner with Mayors

Tonight I had dinner in Sebastopol's local brew pub, Hopmonk Tavern, with the Mayor of Sebastopol and the Mayor of Takeo City in Japan.

The Mayor of Takeo City is in the middle of the photo. The head of the city council is on the left of this picture, and to the right, the Mayor's chief assistant. The hats they're wearing are a gift of our city, Sebastopol hats.


Delwyn said...

Hello dan...what wonderful shots, the Japanese posing is so idiosyncratically Japanese.

Having the mayor in the family is opening interesting doors for you...

Where is Takeo city?

For thankfulness tonight all three expressions of gratitude are directed to my youngest daughter because she has blessed us more than 3 fold...

Alden said...

Were they able to talk English or did you all converse in Japanese - or use sign language as in the photograph???

What a very nice evening that must have been for you all :-)

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Delwyn,

It's on Kyushu, not too far from Nagasaki which has a museum all Americans should someday visit.

From Wiki: Takeo is located in the western part of Saga Prefecture. It is approximately 28 kilometers (17 miles) west of Saga City and approximately 30 kilometers (19 miles) east of Sasebo. Takeo has a complex topography including mountains, mountain basins and riverside plains.


Dan Gurney said...

Communication was difficult. The restaurant was noisy and the table separated the translator from most of us. Our Japanese was limited, but we did the best we could with their much better English and gestures.