Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gratitude: The Love Choir

Tonight's gratitude is for Sebastopol's Love Choir.

I "joined" the choir tonight and am blissed/blessed out.

Nothing I know quite compares to singing songs of love with about 80 other amateurs who sing for the love of singing.

On my way home, I sang the chorus to "Streets of Gold."

Let love lead, let your mercies unfold
Let your good deeds be your stronghold
Follow your heart and listen to your soul
Then you will walk down the streets of gold.

Link to the Love Choir:


Delwyn said...

Beautiful, Dan
I have written a post about the Choir of Hard Knocks that I told you about once before and remember that the participants said it has been the saving and the making of their lives...

For my thanks today I am going to mention our beautiful National Park where I walked this morning around the rocky elevated shoreline.

I want to give thanks for my youngest daughter - the blessing that she has been and is

And also for the bird singing in my tree...

Alden said...

Dan, I liked the lyrics to that song, I think they could have almost have been written by Joseph Campbell of "Follow your bliss" fame.