Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gratitude March 29

This evening I'm grateful to:

Brad and Arlene for hosting their spring garden party down the street. I enjoyed chatting with our long-time friends and neighbors as we nibbled cookies and sipped tea and marveled at the beauty of the blossoming trees and flower beds surrounding us.

Mitch and Lisa Mann for hosting the Sayonara Party for the adult delegation from Takeo/Yamauchi Japan. I particularly enjoyed talking to Briana, Molly, and Kate. They're high schoolers now, but when they were little they were kindergarten students of mine. Briana, a freshman, plans to spend the summer in Tanzania. We had an engaging chat about Africa.

Sarah for our late afternoon walk between the garden party and the barbecue.

It was, yes, another day full of social events. I like days like that.


Delwyn said...

Today I am grateful that Renee of circlingmyhead had such a fine inter-country inter-blog birthday. She is an amazingly strong woman.

I am grateful for Son#2 and wife for coming to dinner last night before he goes off to do an 8 week stint at a mine.

and I am grateful for the interesting comments people add to my stories - that is the exciting part for me...seeing where the story takes people...

Sarah Lulu said...

Sayonara Party sounds marvelous ...I love the name.