Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gratitude: Mike and Elizabeth

Mike and me on the Kortum trail.

My long-time pal Mike and I took a walk along the Sonoma Coast today. We have a lot in common: we've both been married forever, we've both been elementary school teachers forever, we met sailing, we both love hiking, kayaking, biking. We both filed for conscientious objector status, and Mike actually served it out (I managed to avoid Vietnam by staying in college!) We met, gee, in 1979, sailing Lasers. If Alden lived 'round here, there'd be three of us.

Elizabeth called me this morning from Boston where she's visiting her best friend and looking over the city as a possible city in which to do her medical residency. We chatted over the phone for most of an hour.

So tonight, I'm grateful for Mike and Elizabeth.


Sarah Lulu said...

Wow two conscientious objectors, very pleased to meet you both.

Dan Gurney said...

Yep. The Vietnam War didn't make sense to me from the very get-go. Still doesn't.

Alden said...

If I lived around there Dan, wild horses wouldn't be able to drag me away from making up a threesome :-)

Dan Gurney said...

Yep, Alden, we'd get along, kindred spirits.