Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gratitude: Walk, Dinner, Dessert

This evening, I feel grateful:

  • that my daughter enjoyed serving as a surgeon's apprentice today in medical school (this sort of thing amazes me, as I'm squeamish);
  • that my student teacher, who is taking over my class, is having a good time doing it;
  • that Sarah and I can take a walk that includes a very good dinner, excellent ice cream, and ends up in our quiet house.
And for this practice of gratitude that seems somehow to help me dust off my knees and move along.


Alden said...

Hmmm I like the bit about the "excellent ice cream" now that is something to be very grateful about - tell me Dan have you ever tasted New Zealand Hokey Pokey Ice Cream? - if you haven't it is something you must do.

And like you I find it interesting that some people get a joy out of performing surgery ( thank you lord that they do ) - but I think I would in a faint on the floor at the point of the first incision!

Delwyn said...

Did your student take the class solo when you were sick?

Today has been raining on and off and that's good I'm glad I don't need to water

My stiff shoulders - too much typing - were loosened up at body balance today and I am grateful for the beautiful Patsy who teaches our class.

I did the business books today and am grateful that's over for another week.

Dan Gurney said...

Alden, I've never tasted Hokey Pokey ice cream, but I've danced the Hokey Pokey dance many times. If I ever make it to NZ, I'll give it a try!

Dan Gurney said...

Hi, Delwyn,

Yes, my student teacher is taking over my class for two weeks as a part of her training. I was sick on Monday, but she was planning to be in front of my class already, so it worked out fine. She's doing a great job, to my great happiness. I'm proud of her and of the students in my class.

I hope your shoulders stay loose. Mine tend to stiffen up, too, especially at the end of stressful days.

Sarah Lulu said...

Thank you Dan for your very kind and encouraging comments on my blog.

And Hokey Pokey Icecream is fantastic!

Dan Gurney said...

You're welcome, Sarah Lulu. So now I'm curious. What does Hokey Pokey ice cream have in it. Is it chocolate based? Coffee? Got marshmallows?