Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gratitude: A walk on the Beach

Morning walk on beach.
Sandpipers, Sarah, and me.
A spring storm due soon.


lisa lind said...

There's nothing so relaxing than a walk on the beach any time of the day! Loved the pictures too!

Delwyn said...

Lovely sentiments and pics Dan. How long does it take you to reach the coast?
My beloved and I walked our main beach this am after the early marketeering (which I am sure is not a word but I love the sound of it)
Looks like beaches will go on the G. list today?

Dan Gurney said...

Lisa, thanks for leaving a comment!

Delwyn, it takes only about 20 minutes to reach this beach. We go there quite often as it provides a 4 mile walk on smooth sand with comparatively calm waves. This was my gratitude post for the day: Sarah, sandpipers, and the beach.

But we're walking down to the local theater tonight to see a play....there's so much to be grateful for!

Sarah Lulu said...

Beautiful Dan!

Delwyn said...

Dan, Beloved asked if this is the open ocean or in the SF bay?

Dan Gurney said...

It's Doran Beach which forms the southern edge of Bodega Harbor. The view is of Bodega Bay, which is on the eastern shore of the Pacific Ocean, just north of Point Reyes.

Doran is a our favorite walking beach because it is one of the very few beaches round here that is not pounded by dangerous waves.

Katherine said...

Ah, the beach. I'm sure it's good for us. I love the 'bush' (forest) too.