Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Inclining one's mind to what is going well, going right, helps me resist the human tendency to take for granted the countless miracles that occur every second.

I'm grateful to:

  • My high school English teachers, especially Mr. Tanner, who took the trouble to teach me—a somewhat slow, reluctant, and lazy student—what they could about writing;
  • My garden for growing so much kale and collard greens;
  • My gratitude buddies in cyberspace who post (or email) their gratitudes back. You're like angels. Wait. Maybe you ARE angels.
And a gajillion other things and people, too.


Alden said...

I AM an angel Dan, but don't tell anyone otherwise I will be inundated with requests to join the celestal choir or to tell stories about St Peter (its tough being an angel)

Dan Gurney said...

OK, Alden. I'll keep it quiet.