Sunday, March 15, 2009


Tonight elements that added elegance and pleasure to our dinner at home:
  • Tommy Dorsey's sweet trombone and his big band,
  • Beeswax and the candles made from it,
  • Asparagus, carrots, and cauliflower.
Slow down, and the simplest things afford us great pleasure.


Delwyn said...

Have you gone onto daylight savings time? I see you are now 7 hours ahead of me.

Today my optometrist is my #1

and new glasses on order will be #2

and the old ones that are getting me by #3

Dan Gurney said...

Yep, we switched to Daily Saving Time last weekend. We set our clocks one hour ahead. I don't like it much. The adjustment, especially waking up two and a half hours ahead of the sunrise and an hour earlier than my body wants to wake, can be difficult.

Is DST practiced in Australia and New Zealand?

Sarah Lulu said...

Yes we have DST's not over yet ...hmmm
end of this month I think? We are into the third week of Autumn.

Love big band music too!

Delwyn said...

Delwyn here, Qld doesn't have DST which is ashame as we are woken at 4.30 by the sun mid summer.