Thursday, March 19, 2009


Tonight, I'm grateful for:

LED flashlights,
Matches, candles, and the moon.
Stars that light the dark.


Delwyn said...

Hello Dan from a rainy Friday night.

I missed last night's gratitude but it would be the same as today.

I am grateful for the 7 lovely years of company with our dog Kealia who was run over yesterday.
For her wonderful spirit, her companionship, her mateship on walks and her joi de vivre.
Vale Kealia

Butler and Bagman said...

Today I am grateful for Blogspot and for you.

Dan Gurney said...


I am so sorry to hear that you lost your dog, Kealia. Oh, it hurts to lose a companion animal. We love them so much, they're a part of the family. Ouch.

Dan Gurney said...

Butler, it's mutual! I very much enjoyed the posts on your father. Well done!