Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've been so busy with life, I've not had much chance to blog. Here I am working past midnight early on Sunday morning, trying to catch up on email on my gratitude blog. OK. I'm tired. So really quickly:

Friday: We spent more time with our Japanese friends from Takeo City. Dinner and a party afterwords at Councilman Wilson's house with live music. Grateful for sister city programs, citizen diplomacy, live music.

Saturday: We walked with about 30 townsfolk from Santa Rosa (we rode the bus) back to Sebastopol along the County bike trail. Grateful for perfect weather, pedestrian fellowship, and the first quiet evening at home with Sarah since last Sunday.


Sarah Lulu said...

Sounds like you have been having a beautiful active social time in your life.

It's nice that you took the time to tell us ..
your gratitude is obvious.

Delwyn said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date Dan.

Thanks go today to the wisdom of age
the contentment gained through aging
and the joys found in aging

Alden said...

Life is all about pacing yourself isn't it? It is difficult to keep up sometimes isn't it. In the last 10 weeks I (its a very long and complicated and angry story on my part) have had to shift my entire classroom twice - so I know being busy is all about - but 'every cloud has a silver lining' - my second new room this year has a lovely view of the water through the trees - happiness to a sailors heart no less - You will know if I get asked to shift again you will see the volcanic lava and the glow in the sky from your house in the northern hemisphere. :-)

Alden said...

Oh and I am grateful that after all my puffing and blowing I am actually in a much better place - life is always full of unexpected blessings - and I am grateful for that.