Sunday, April 12, 2009

Another Hike

Sarah and I were so pleased with yesterday's hike that we decided to repeat it today, but taking the same loop in reverse this time.

This evening I'm grateful for:

Health good enough to enjoy whole day hiking,

A life partner with whom to share the day,

The sun, the wind, and the sea.


Delwyn said...

Are you feeling fitter?

We too have been doing walks each day (Small ones tho) and got one paddle in between showers. Today it has rained heavily all day so other than go to the gym I have been researching and writing while he has had a much deserved rest.
I have caught up with all the kids over the weekend and am grateful for their health and happiness.

Delwyn said...

p.s. Where's the award/
I was planning on handing mine to you as its theme is gratitude and it only felt right. Now I will have to reconsider...unless you want 2 of the same!