Saturday, April 11, 2009

Coastwalk: Bodega Head

Today's gratitude goes to Richard and Brenda Nichols who led an 8 mile Coastwalk day hike on Bodega Head. Richard was Coastwalk's Executive Director for a 18 years. Coastwalk seeks to preserve public access to the California Coastline and to build a border-to-boarder trail along the coast. It's a great organization and I plan to volunteer for them in my retirement. Besides advocating for sensible use of the coastal resource, Coastwalk organizes hikes and walks along the coast. Sarah and I have done a number of them, and I highly recommend them.

Today's hike began along Bodega Harbor. We visited the site of a proposed nuclear power plant. The local utility actually began work on it digging this hole, now filled with water, 120 feet deep. They built roads, got quite far along before someone pointed out that this nuclear power plant would upwind of a large population (where I live) and that they were building this most dangerous of all human buildings


Well, fortunately, Bill Kortum was there to lead the fight against this crazy project and now all that's left are the roads and parking lots built and this lovely pond.

This is a santized history of the project.

The site of the "Hole in the Head" from above.

Views from Bodega Head

Bodega Dunes.

There were 12 of us on the hike. Richard stopped now and then to tell us a bit about the history and natural history of the place.

Salmon Creek Beach.

We had a lovely hike.


Sarah Lulu said...

That will be a fantastic retirement project for you to continue.

Loved the photos ....quite similar to some Australian scenes.

Thank God that the nuclear plant did not go ahead and what a nice legacy ..a pond.

Delwyn said...

Hi Dan
I told my Beloved that we will have to come and walk in these parts one day...

Dan Gurney said...

Hi Delwyn,

Come, we'll show you around.