Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gratitude: Art Walk

My wife and I walked over to the Senior Center to a party welcoming our new city manager, Jack Griffin this afternoon and chatted with the community there and then we went on to our fair city's first "Art Walk" of 2009. Then home to a dinner of salad, braised asparagus, and steamed sweet potatoes. A peaceful, easy evening.

I ran across this short video. If you decide to watch it, please see it all the way to the end or you'll think it's depressing. (It's not depressing; it's hopeful.)

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Delwyn said...

Hi Dan,
Lets hope our kids see things this way.

Today I have been looking at art, specifically art in the Edo period in Japan and am grateful that I have time to follow this interest, the means to do it, and that I can share this love eventually when I write my story...