Monday, April 20, 2009

Gratitude: Health

A recent dip in my health (hypertension, palpitations) makes me feel grateful for:
  • the generally good health I have enjoyed,
  • the medical care that has been available to me,
  • my body for talking to me. (I need to listen.)
I went to the doctor today and we're going to begin a thorough review of how things are.


Delwyn said...

Unfortunately we are at that time when the wheels begin to fall off.
Gratitude today goes to:

a peaceful walk through the national park forest tracks

a good friend to walk with

being able to share some of my limited computer expertise with a very appreciative friend

Katherine said...

Thinking of you Dan. Take some time for you and know that it is good for everyone who loves you, if you do. X

I am glad my own sore back makes me appreciate more when it isn't too! Aren't we human!

Dan Gurney said...

Thank you, Katherine. Yes, our bodies are great gifts to us, great teachers. They make us human, and I guess connect us to all of life, plant and animal, too. In lots of ways I think our bodies embody wisdom more accurately than our chattering minds.