Friday, April 24, 2009

Gratitude: Homemade Music

Here's a sweet way to end a day: make some music.

I've got a dulcimer which I enjoy playing before bed. It makes sweet, soothing music and invites a relaxed, non-technical approach to music. Dulcimers are folk instruments with no rules built in. You play them any way you wish.

I'm grateful for:

  • my dulcimer
  • for no TV satellite or cable service to my sanctuary of a home
  • the very busy community art show we spent the evening at tonight
  • having a job that gives me golden moments.
Over on Mr. Kindergarten I posted a story about the one thing you might do to sweeten your life. Two parents at my school have tried my suggestion and thanked me for it. It's here: Friend to Friend Conpiracy


Delwyn said...


Well done not having any TV. I only rarely watch TV but Beloved does after a busy day. I prefer to read the paper for news.

I give thanks for a beautiful walk,

a loving young daughter,

and daughter in law coming for dinner..

Katherine said...

Hear hear. No TV in my house in the last ten years, and before that only one or two special slots and no news for at least twenty. I could never go back to watching 'the box'.
But since my guitar string broke it's only been 'Fretklr' :-) Must get a new string.

Lovely to see a pic of you relaxing in your home, Dan.

Three things tonight from me:
The colours of autumn
The interesting reading I'm doing for my 'Futurists' presentation
A lovely afternoon nap under the covers of a soft duvet with the wind whistling outside. Ah! Luxury!