Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gratitude: Poetry at Many Rivers

When I moved to this town almost 30 years ago I would never have guessed that in my lifetime it would have more than half a dozen Buddhist groups scattered about, a bookstore featuring tea and tools for spiritual practice and offering poetry readings on a pretty regular basis. But that's what Sebastopol has. I had the pleasure, for the second time this year, of attending a reading at Many Rivers Books and Tea by poet and friend Jim Wilson. My post from earlier this year is here: Link.

Here are two more poems of Jim's, cinquains:

The Perfection of Patience

Older than this country,
Silently watch humanity
And wait


Cool and aloof,
Waiting in stark patience
For the day when human beings
Are gone


Delwyn said...

Hello Dan,
I often relate little bits from your post to my beloved as we walk and talk...he has travelled far more in the US than I have and can relate to places better. I have the atlas open on my desk to remind myself where each of my US friends lives as I talk to them.

Your town sounds so close to ideal in the opportunities that you avail yourself of and in the attitudes and mission statement of the county.
Our town has recently won ENESCO biosphere rating - I'm a little unsure of what it actually means but we do have a pop cap and there are strong conservation and ecological measures in place for the preservation of the environment and the town life as it is.
My walk friend has a close male friend on the biosphere board and he has devoted his retirement to sustainability, actually his teaching and research career too, often travelling to Japan to share knowledge with universities there.

Delwyn said...

Cinquains - are lovely and you sound as if you enjoyed the time with your friend. Each time I walk past a cycad I am in wonder of plants and trees all over again. Cycads are as old as the dinosaurs.

Sarah Lulu said...

I love the simplicity of the poems, since I'm so complicated myself.

I think redwoods are very tall and native to your country .... gorgeous.

Sarah Lulu said...

Dan, I've given you an award, please visit my page to receive it.

Sarah Lulu

Dan Gurney said...


It seems your town in Australia and my town in California would like to be friends. Many people in my town are interested in sustainability. We are sprouting PV panels on city buildings and residences all over town.

In my retirement, I hope to work for sustainability projects and lead nature hikes for children as a volunteer docent.

The world of plants speaks to me louder each day. I truly think of them as much more highly evolved forms of life. We humans tend to overrate our place in the web of life. We are, at best, a part of it, certainly not the lords of creation.

Dan Gurney said...

Sarah Lulu, I'm told that our beloved redwoods are the tallest trees in the world. They are noble, majestic, and speak wisdom in whispers to those who listen.

Thank you for the award!