Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gratitude: Sunday Night

Tonight as I wait for Ted's call from Togo, I am thankful for:

  • the wonderful spring weather we had for the Apple Blossom Festival,
  • singing in the Love Choir this morning on the pool stage,
  • Robin's group up on Burnside Road.

It's been a good weekend off work. I'm ready to tuck in and start a week back at school.


Delwyn said...

Hi Dan,
How is your son enjoying his experience in Africa?

After another wonderful Monday of warmth -a beautiful sunny day

I have to be grateful for living here,
and for having everything so handy
but still feel small town
and hear the kookaburras
and the roosting rainbow lorikeets
gossiping in their loud and raucous way...
I thank the divine plan for giving me the opportunity to move here and set up home
in paradise

Butler and Bagman said...

I thought a lot about your blog over the weekend as little things kept going wrong and I kept up a running grumble, knowing that the key was to find things to be grateful for...about the time I was going to throw my lawnmower in the pond, I'd think...gratitude, gratitude, I'm not sure I can quite yet talk about what a beautiful monday it is, but I am grateful that the lawnmower is not in the pond.

Dan Gurney said...

Delwyn, how my son is doing in Africa would be the subject of a post. I'll file that idea away. For now, he's doing well, he reports. He spends a lot of time "hanging around" in his own words. It's a village in Africa, no phone, no electricity, no plumbing. They're light years ahead of those of us tapping away 24/7 on their computers, harried and worried. It seems to me like he's on a looong vacation where people haven't forgotten how to live in the moment.

Dan Gurney said...

Butler and Bagman, the way your three minds work and the way mine works, not two ways.

Delwyn said...

Dan, I didn't see the photo up yesterday- its great..Happy singing - wish I could. I am completely tone deaf, however it doesn't stop me from enjoying music - on the contrary -more in awe...Next life I want to be able to sing and play an instrument well.

Dan Gurney said...

Delwyn, you're an astute observer. I added the photo illustration a day late. The ability to sing and play instruments is a REAL blessing, for to which I credit my mother's influence. I feel grateful for that ability moment by moment. Delwyn whatever your musical gifts might be, you've been gifted with language and in the visual arts. Your blog is a thing of beauty.