Monday, April 13, 2009

Gratitude: Time Off

Today was the first day of spring break. I grateful that I had

  • time to get 90 minutes more sleep than I'm accustomed to (still not enough, though)
  • time to catch up with household chores
  • time to meet the internet cable guy
  • time for laundry
  • time to weed the garden beds for spring plantings
  • time to cook dinner without hurrying
  • time to get to square dance lessons early
  • time to meditate in the middle of the day, too
  • time to write a tanka.

I'm grateful for the time off.


Sarah Lulu said...

A tanka?

Dan Gurney said...

A tanka is a poem, a Japanese form of poetry. A tanka has 31 syllables arranged 5-7-5-7-7. It's a haiku, but with a couplet coda. Here's the one I wrote:

Like Cancer

Cancer cells flourish
Heedless of their host's good health
Growth out of control.
Human civilization:
Cancer in the web of life.

Delwyn said...

Hi Dan,

a busy day as usual for you just different activities and in your own time. How long is this break. Our school year has its first semester break now which can be up to 2 weeks duration.

Gratitude for today goes to the lovely Lola and her delicious recipes. I am making minestrone for dinner...

Sarah Lulu said...

Aaaaahhhhh thank you Dan.