Thursday, April 23, 2009

Gratitude: Youtube

Today's gratitudes go to:

  • Mark Cowell over at The Butler and Bagman for his video of "If I had a day to live" song. I had not thought to add a little video clip of my own to the blog. Now thanks to Mark, the seed of this idea has been planted in me. Perhaps someday I'll throw some video on to this blog.
  • Delwyn for her educational and entertaining posts over on A Hazy Moon, and
  • Sarah Lulu for her courage and trust in the world as she reveals herself in Normal...
  • And a whole host of other inspiring bloggers out there. It's just a little overwhelming how many worthy writers/thinkers are out there blogging away...


Delwyn said...

Hi Dan, thanks for the note of appreciation...

Today here in my little corner I am feeling grateful for:

my parents whom I will visit next week

for their values and their wholesome principles

and for their support and love

Sarah Lulu said...

Dan thank you so much.

I'm feeling grateful for you and Delwyn (Hazy Moon) and Mark (Butler and Bagman) and other wonderful bloggers I have met recently online.

For it being Friday, it's been a tough week for me, one of the foster kids I case manage has run away about 6 times, so challenging ....she's very troubled of course ...but I've run right out of creative ideas and I'm going to give her to God for the weekend.

And for Autumn ...I do do do love this time of year.

Sarah Lulu xxxx

Butler and Bagman said...

Thanks, Dan, for the shoutout about my song. I don't always comment but I always check your blog because daily gratitude is such a powerful way to start the day. So I am grateful every morning for you.

Barry said...

Thanks for the visit to my site. It was a pleasure to have you over. I'm not updating the Scarborough blog with any frequency, I think you'll find the Explorer's View a LOT more active.

Due to an illness I will suddenly be retiring about 8 months ahead of my schedule and not on my terms. So I have some sense of how you are feeling.