Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Teacher Post

Today's post is really over there on my Mr. Kindergarten site. I'm grateful to have had work so fulfilling for so long and for the good sense to get out while I still (mostly) love it.

I'm going to write about my feelings about retirement more fully once I've actually retired. But I will say that it's a mixed bag of excitement and mourning. I still love teaching itself. Little incidents like the story I told over there on Mr. Kindergarten. Here's the link.


Sarah Lulu said...

On my way over there >>>>>> to the link.

Desiree Leigh Thompson said...

Change is hard. Thank you for sharing your comments on your blog. Many blessings to a man with a loving heart!

Katherine said...

Lovely story.
Thank you on behalf of all the littlies you've taught. What a lot of good you have done, Dan.

richard nichols said...

really nice poem about the bishop pine