Monday, May 25, 2009

Bike Ride with Davy

David, Ian, and me after pizza. The oven is behind us.

I first met David in 1963. We were both in seventh grade and had the exact same schedule. My name being Gurney and his being Heintz, contiguous alphabetically, he sat behind me each day all day in seventh grade. Eighth grade was the same. Fate? Karma? I don't know.

The idea that students may sit where they please hadn't been thought of yet, I guess. Friendship arose out of our administratively-imposed togetherness. We have since shared a lifetime of friendship.

Yesterday we rode our bicycles in Point Reyes National Seashore on the unpaved Stewart's Trail to Wildcat Beach along with David's nephew, Ian. Afterwords we shard a meal featuring brick-oven cooked pizzas in Point Reyes Station.

I love my conversations with David because he knows me like a brother and isn't impressed by anything I might say. He'll ask any question and challenge my points as few people do. Keeps me on my toes.

His nephew, Ian, edits college philosophy textbooks for a living. So our conversations yesterday tended towards the philosophical. It was, for me, satisfying and meaningful. We're planning more meetings this summer.


Sarah Lulu said...

Friends are such a blessing aren't they?

My friend Michele is like a sister to me too, I can tell her anything and I don't have to explain myself she already knows what I'm thinking.

Dan Gurney said...

Yes, I am verrry grateful for all my friends, old and new.

Delwyn said...

you are fortunate to have these lifelong friends and also because they get you doing great things.
Happy days

Margaret Pangert said...

you've known him for a lng time; it's almost like having a brother. And the conversations flow naturally and perhaps profoundly, too. And Point Reyes? Beautiful! Have you read Anne LaMott? She lives in that area and uses it in her novels.

Dan Gurney said...


Yes, friends, (and family) I think, are at the very center of a happy life. The studies of happiness I've read talk about the importance of our RELATIONSHIPS in producing happiness.

Dan Gurney said...


Annie LaMott has been a favorite of ours. I've heard her speak on book tours when she's passed through Sebastopol.